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Who We Are - Thai Medi Xpress

Thai Medi Xpress is your one and only partner for truly seamless healthcare at Bumrungrad International Hospital, the number one medical institute in Thailand. We have been the Bumrungrad Bangladesh representative and referral office in Dhaka, Bangladesh, since 2018. We are here to bridge the gap between you and first-class medical care. We are also the sister concern of Surecell Medical BD Ltd.

We work tirelessly to ensure a completely stress-free and efficient healthcare experience. We help patients from Bangladesh who are looking for treatment at Bumrungrad. Come to us and let us guide you through your medical journey with our expertise.

Bumrungrad Hospital

Our Comprehensive Services for Bumrungrad International Hospital Patients from Bangladesh

We, from Thai Medi Xpress, can provide a comprehensive range of medical services to any patient going to Bumrungrad International Hospital. Our services include doctor appointments, visa processing accommodation and air ambulance services. Here is a detailed list of our medical services:

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Schedule Doctor Appointment

Schedule and confirm your appointment with top doctors at Bumrungrad Int. Hospital, Thailand. We ensure you get the best medical care quickly and easily.

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Medical Enquiry

We provide a detailed treatment plan and cost estimate for critical treatments. This helps you understand what to expect before you start your medical journey.

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Admission On Arrival

We assist patients with direct admission upon arrival. Our team ensures a smooth and hassle-free hospital entry.

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Thailand Visa Processing

We help you with all your Thailand visa processing needs. This includes guidance and support to make your travel stress-free.

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Air Ambulance Service

We offer the fastest air ambulance service to Thailand. This ensures you reach the hospital quickly in case of emergencies.

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Airport Transfer Service

We provide smooth airport pick-up and drop-off services. Our team ensures you travel comfortably from the airport to your accommodation.

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Thai Local Accommodation

We offer the best accommodation options for patients and their families. This includes comfortable and safe places to stay during your treatment.

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Language Interpreter

Our language interpreter services help you communicate clearly. We make sure you understand every step of your medical care.

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Transfer Money for Treatment

We assist you in transferring money for your treatment. This can be for the hospital or other essential needs.

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Holidays After The Treatment

After your treatment, explore the beauty and splendor of Thailand. Enjoy a holiday and relax in this beautiful country.

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Post Treatment Support

We provide continuous support and counseling after your treatment. Our team is here to help you during your recovery.

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We connect you with expert doctors at Bumrungrad Hospital local office through telemedicine. Get medical advice and follow-up care from the comfort of your home.

Your Journey to World-Class Healthcare Begins Here

We, from Thai Medi Xpress, can provide a comprehensive range of medical services to any patient going to Bumrungrad International Hospital. Our services include doctor appointments, visa processing accommodation and air ambulance services. Here is a detailed list of our medical services:

Bumrungrad Hospital

(Best Hospital Services Provider)

Speciality Center

Heart Center

A healthy heart is a vital part of maintaining overall physical, mental and emotional welbeing. However, with modern-day...

Digestive Disease (GI) Center

The team at Bumrungrad International Hospital’s Digestive Disease Center...

Ear, Nose and Throat Center

At Bumrungrad International Hospital’s Ear, Nose and Throat Center, you will find...

Health Screening Center (Check-up)

Bumrungrad International Hospital’s Health Screening Center is one of the largest...

Why Choose Thai Medi Xpress for Your Bumrungrad Experience

We have access to Bumrungrad International Hospital’s renowned medical services from your Dhaka and Chottogram. But there are many more reasons why you should make Thai Medi Xpress your partner for all your medical needs. Here are some of those reasons:

Seamless Healthcare Experience

Thai Medi Xpress believes in providing only the best medical and healthcare services. This is why we have streamlined our medical travel process to Bumrungrad Hospital. We care only that your health is well taken care of.

Experienced Staff in Bangladesh

We hired only the most well-trained personalized support to ensure your healthcare is being taken care of. We understand your needs completely; thus, we can help every step of the way from initial inquiries to post-treatment care.

Personalized Care & Support

The Thai Medi Xpress personalized care and support goes beyond offering language interpretation, VIP services, and assistance with every treatment step. We are here to ensure your experience is also comfortable and stress-free.

Direct Access to Bumrungrad Specialists

Our access to Bumrungrad Int. Hospital help us provide you with the best and most trustworthy doctors and treatment plans tailored to your needs. We help you receive direct doctor communication for more personalized and best medical care.

Efficient Visa & Travel Arrangements

If you are considering going to Bumrungrad Int. Hospital, Thai Medi Xpress can and will help you with visa processing, flights, and airport transfers. We will ensure you have the smoothest arrival in Thailand and that it is completely worry-free.

Post-Treatment Support

Thai Medi Xpress medical service doesn't stop even after the treatment. Our quality medical services also cover postoperative care and in-country medical assistance if needed. Our top priority has been and will continue to be your well-being.

Make Healthcare Easy at Bumrungrad - Speak to a Specialist in the Dhaka Office!

Our dedicated Bangladeshi team is here to answer your questions and guide you throughout your Bumrungrad journey. Schedule a free consultation today!

In Partnership with Excellence: Bumrungrad International Hospital

Thai Medi Xpress has worked hard to become the Bumrungrad Hospital Dhaka Office. Why did we partner with Bumrungrad International Hospital? Find about it here:

Renowned for Best Hospital Services in Asia

Bumrungrad Hospital has been and continues to stand out among all the international hospitals due to its outstanding patient care. It has ranked amongst the top hospitals in Asia. Each and every patient there receives only the most exceptional medical attention and personalized service.

Over 40 Specialized Departments & Centers

Bumrungrad Int. Hospital currently has 40 specialized departments and centers with more possibilities. They provide a wide range of exceptional medical treatments and services. Bumrungrad can provide patients with proper medical and healthcare services from cardiology to oncology.

Cutting-Edge Technology & Experienced Doctors

Bumrungrad is world-renowned for having its medical technologies and well-trained doctors and medical professionals. Their advanced medical care and treatment results are said to be the very best. Bumrungrad Int. Hospital is a great example of modern medical innovation.

JCI Accreditation

The Joint Commission International (JCI) has repeatedly accredited Bumrungrad Hospital local office. The accreditation shows its commitment to maintaining the highest healthcare quality and patient safety standards.

International Patient Support

Thanks to being an international hospital, Bumrungrad can cater to international patients, including those from Bangladesh. The hospital can facilitate seamless medical travel arrangements. It can ensure a smooth and comfortable experience from consultation to recovery.

Multilingual Staff

Effective communication is guaranteed with multilingual staff who are proficient in various languages, including English and Bengali (subject to availability). This ensures that patients feel understood and well-supported throughout their healthcare journey.

Patients Review

Reason To Smile

I went to Bumrungrad Hospital a few times before. The last time I contacted their Information Office for their assistance to get me detailed treatment plans and to book appointments with the specialized doctors. I am glad with their quality of service and I hope they keep up their good job. I am very satisfied with their services and we highly recommend them to other patients who seek for emergency medical services.
Mr. Anil Chandra Nath
HN 800046573
My father’s physical condition was very bad when he was admitted to a local hospital in Dhaka. We needed emergency medical support. That’s when we contacted Bumrungrad International Hospital’s Information Office. They took the whole responsibility and managed to provide my father a proper treatment facility by organizing “Air Ambulance” support. We are very satisfied with their services and we highly recommend them to other patients who seek for emergency medical services.
Mr. Moktar Uddin
HN 800060424
It was my first time to visit to Bumrungrad International Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand. My son contacted the Information Office. They suggested us good doctors and we are very happy with the quality of the Hospital, the Doctors that we visited and the Information Office’s services that we received. Till date, the representatives of the local Information Office are in touch with us. I wish them well for their long future.
Mr. Md Monirul Hoque
HN 800031204
Best Hospital Services

Quality, Safety with

Measurable Results

Founded in 1980, Bumrungrad is an internationally accredited, one of the largest private hospitals in Southeast Asia.

Accredited by

Every Second Counts

During Emergency

During emergency, we provide Air Ambulance service For all serious cases get your patient shifted safely and immediately.


  • One-Stpp Air Ambulance service to Bumrungrad International Hospital
  • Special Medical Equipment Setup
  • 24/7 Readiness and Transfer Operation
  • Specialization Operation Team in Thailand
  • Dedicated Coordinating Doctor
Bumrungrad Hospital

Inside Bumrungrad International

Hospital Tour

The hospital features a 24-hour Emergency Room; 19 operating theatres; four types of intensive care units (adult, pediatric, cardiac and a Level III neo-natal ICU); and a rehabilitation center. Surgical facilities include two cardiac catheterization labs, 19 operating theaters (two specifically set up for cardiac surgery), a surgical navigation system; plus endoscopy, arthroscopy, lithotripsy and interventional radiology capabilities.

FAQs on Bumrungrad Bangladesh

Thai Medi Xpress is the official representative and referral office for Bumrungrad Hospital Dhaka Office (Bumrungrad Bangladesh). We connect Bangladeshi patients with the world-class medical care available at Bumrungrad International Hospital in Thailand.

The Bumrungrad Dhaka office is located at Surecell Medical BD Ltd, Plot 2, Road 21, Gulshan 1, Dhaka. You can contact them by phone at 01844-047061.

Thai Medi Xpress offers personalized care and support, including language interpretation, VIP services, help with every step of your treatment, and more. We make sure your experience is comfortable and stress-free.

You can book an appointment with your selected doctor at Bumrungrad International Hospital in Thailand by submitting an online form.

Bumrungrad International Hospital offers over 40 specialized departments and centers. They provide a wide range of medical treatments and services, from cardiology to oncology, ensuring you get the proper care you need.

While medical insurance is not mandatory, it is highly recommended. We can advise you on suitable insurance options to cover your treatment costs.

The required travel documents will depend on your nationality. We recommend checking with the Thai embassy or consulate in Bangladesh for the latest visa requirements.  We can also assist you with the visa application process.

Yes, we can arrange comfortable airport transfers to ensure a smooth arrival and departure from Thailand.