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Bumrungrad International Hospital (The Best Hospital)

Surecell Medical BD Ltd. has been an unwavering and exclusive partner, serving as the information hub and authentic Referral Office (RO) for the Best Hospital, Bumrungrad International Hospital, in Bangladesh since 2018. Operating as the exclusive liaison to Thailand's premier healthcare institution, Bumrungrad Dhaka Office plays a pivotal role in facilitating a range of essential services for patients. From securing Preferred Doctor's Appointments and issuing Visa Invitations to providing comprehensive Treatment Plans & Cost Estimations, handling Medical Records Transfers, and offering telemedicine services, Bumrungrad Dhaka Office ensures a seamless healthcare experience. As the exclusive partner of Thailand's No. 1 Hospital, Bumrungrad Dhaka Office goes beyond traditional services by orchestrating Direct Hospital Admissions, arranging local accommodations for patients in Thailand, coordinating Airport Transfers, and providing Language Interpreter Services. A standout offering is the expedited and professional "Air Ambulance Service," wherein Bumrungrad Dhaka Office has successfully executed nearly 100 bed-to-bed transfer cases. With the support of experienced doctors and consultations nationwide, the Bumrungrad Dhaka Office stands out as the fastest and most proficient provider of Air Ambulance Services in the country. Whether during critical times or routine medical needs, the Bumrungrad Dhaka Office remains committed to delivering unparalleled healthcare assistance to patients in Bangladesh.

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