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Bumrungrad, With Concern for the Elderly Population, Develops the “Bumrungrad Young Take Care” Project

The Bumrungrad Hospital Foundation understands the importance of kindness and support and is dedicated to promoting and conserving Thai traditions. Respecting Thailand’s elderly population, the foundation, through the “Bumrungrad Young Take Care” project, organized a special event on May 30, 2024. The event occurred at the Chaloem Ratcha Kumari Nursing Home in Nakhon Pathom. It featured a traditional “water pouring ceremony.”

Bumrungrad Young Take Care
Source: www.bumrungrad.com

Medicine and medical supplies were distributed to the nursing home residents during the event. The foundation also provided lunch and organized recreational activities for everyone to enjoy. The Bumrungrad Young Take Care project aims to play a positive role in society by healing, helping, and showing concern for the community.

Bumrungrad With Concern for the Elderly Population
Source: www.bumrungrad.com

A significant goal of both the Bumrungrad Hospital Foundation and the Bumrungrad Young Take Care project is sustainability. Through these efforts, they strive to make a lasting, positive impact on society and uphold the values of care and tradition.

Bumrungrad Take Care
Source: www.bumrungrad.com

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